Blossom Pendant

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When the lamp is turned on and the wood starts to warm up, you can see the “petals” of the shade slightly open up.  Subsequently, when the lamp is turned off it returns to a more closed position, almost like a flower going to sleep at night.  I wish I could say I planned that, […]

Stimac Game Table

This craftsman-style game table is about 34”x60.”  It very comfortably seats 6 without those seated feeling like the table legs are in the way.  With its through tenon joinery, this is an incredibly skookum piece of furniture while not being bulky visually.

Benson Bench

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This bench is wide enough to seat two.  The small drawer utilizes bush-activated hardware to open it.

Coat Tree

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I like to draw inspiration from the nature’s beauty. All the shapes we see are asymmetrical, and yet there’s an incredible balance! I love asymmetry, but I’ve found that making things asymmetric and still looking balanced is often a lot more difficult than I feel it should be. After several adjustments were made, this is […]

Meranti Crate

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A friend of mine owns a business that goes through sheets of this meranti marine-grade plywood. He ends up with two offcuts from every sheet, so we thought it would be a good idea to come up with a use for this extra material and this crate is the result. The crates are stackable but […]

Wine Barrel Bench

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Wine barrels are an incredible resource to re-use. They utilize the finest quality white oak, and a significant amount of it at that. The barrel bench seat is removable, revealing a large amount of storage space and a wonderful aroma of red wine that the wood has permanently taken on!

Reitz Bench

Traditional Japanese furniture, I think, has a very pleasing visual simplicity. There’s no guile. It looks sturdy, and indeed it is.

Fused Glass Side Table

I was commissioned to build the wooden bases for these two tables by the client who made these beautiful glass tops. After discussing his desires, we came up with this very sculptural design, inspired by the work of Sam Maloof. I think the colors and shape give this piece an African flavor.

T Swing

This timber frame construction swing has commercial-grade playground hardware. The wooden post is set in concrete with a post protector sleeve to prevent rot. To stabilize the structure without detracting too much from its beauty, it is also secured with four cables and screw anchors.


Timber frame construction can be much like furniture making on a large scale.  The idea is to show off the skeletal structure rather than hide it.  The main joinery in this woodshed utilizes no mechanical fasteners, only wood dowels.  That said, it is still a remarkably strong construction technique.

Memories of Mother

I was approached to build this table for a young couple, but very tragically the wife died before I started. Never the less, we moved forward with the project, and when it came time to do the epoxy pour, the husband and their two kids came to my shop to arrange the pieces of glass, […]

Lonely Blossom

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After getting tremendously positive feedback for the first wooden light fixture I made “Beech Blossom,” I decided it was time to create another. I learned a lot for the first lamp, which inspired the slightly different shade shape on this one. When the lamp is turned on and the wood starts to warm up, you […]

Thompson Château Bathroom Vanity

Although the majority of what we involves wood, we take on entire remodel projects as well. There can be great advantages in this in that we don’t have to coordinate with other contractors as much and we can have more control of the execution. In other words, there’s no passing the blame when something doesn’t […]

Marimba Bench

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Designed to accompany an African marimba, this bench has been used by a variety of musicians, including keyboardists and a classical guitarist. It sits at the standard height of a dinning chair and thus improvises well when extra seating is needed around the dinner table.

Vine Maple Blanket Chest

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I may have gone a little overboard on this piece. It implements a technique called marquetry in which lots of little pieces of wood, varying in color and species, are combined to create an image, in this case that of a vine maple. It’s a labor intensive process, especially when you consider that there are […]

Spice Cabinet

There are such a variety of spices in the world, and they come in all sorts of colors and textures! This wall hung cabinet was designed to get those spices out of hiding and display them! The lighter toned wood used for the back panel allows more light to be reflected through the jars. Three […]

Bay Hill Library Bookshelves

I like to incorporate the European design and hardware into my cabinetry.  I can get a cleaner look, whether the overall style of the cabinetry is shaker, European modern, Mediterranean, or something else.  I avoid using particle board in the construction of cabinetry boxes but instead use USA made ¾” cabinetry plywood.  To make the […]

Bison Bones Chairs

This dinning chair is perhaps a Danish inspired piece. It’s light weight both visually and in actuality, yet strong and comfortable to sit in for an extended time at the dinner table. The cushion is upholstered with very supple bison leather. I thought the tapering shapes of the crest rails and stretchers had a slight […]

Beech Blossom Lamp

It can be difficult to drum up inspiration for a piece.  Inspiration has its own timing, but when it comes, run with it!  This piece was well received after I completed the first rendition of it as a student in the College of the Redwoods Fine Furniture Making Program.  It’s been shown in galleries across […]